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"I hate MIST," said every MIST competitor ever during the few days before MIST

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God bless every mother who has held back tears to cradle us, kiss us, and tell us stories until we fell asleep. Every mother who had only seconds to wipe away her tears and paint a smile the moment you naively begged her to color with you. Every mother who performs miracles by respiring on the spot, reanimating her every limb, so to give her children a happiness even she is foreign to. 

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This is Mariam Barghouti. She is 20 years old and studies English and psychology at Birzeit University. Her favorite color is lime green and loves to read. She has a habit of looking high or having her eyes squinted whenever someone takes a picture of her, but not in this picture. Mariam is my best friend. 
Last Friday, April 11, she attended a protest in Nabi Saleh. While she was leaving, she was stopped by Israeli Occupying soldiers and arrested with another woman based on slanderous testimonies made by Israeli soldiers. They were both taken to a police station where they underwent interrogation. The other woman that held the Jerusalem ID was able to be released on bail while Mariam, who holds a West Bank ID, was not. She was was falsely accused of throwing rocks.
Her first court hearing was held yesterday at Ofer. Her arrest was extended until Wednesday where her court hearing will continue. Everyone, please keep Mariam in your thoughts and pray for her immediate release.

Alhamdulillah! =) Syukur <3









People won’t reblog because they don’t want their blogs to look as ugly as their hearts.

I just cried

(TmT) that poor little kid.

Oh my god poor thing

Oh my sweet lord… How does this happen…?(Ok, I’m serious, if nobody takes five seconds of their time to reblog this, I’m judging you)

OMG! :(

dose anybody know what the hell happened? D:

maybe bacterial meningitis that caused gangrene so they had to amputate. happened to this little girl before in like 2002 or something, so she lost all of her limbs.


<3 I feel so bad for the little boy. It’s so wonderful to see how loved he is, but I feel so bad for him. <3